A Slightly Twisted View Of The World!

....nothing stays the same.As the pink cheeked elitists gather to celebrate their unique mix of hubris and hypocrisy so too the glittering gadflies who crave our attention so desperately congratulate each other on their devotion to mediocrity....in this turned inside out place where the barking lunatics shout the loudest...truth is just a commodity like anything else....big breasts cost more money!...CAN YOU HEAR ME,MOTHER?...!!!!

As I sit here quietly...lovingly perusing a much thumbed copy of "HOT BABES ON TRACTORS" , I can`t help but think that it`s all fundamentally a bit stupid....and sad too,although I`m not normally given to melancholy..........at times like this it`s the essential things that count...like alcohol,sex and music.....specifically great,honest music.Yes,you`ve guessed it.....I`m talking about JOHNNY ONE EYE and their fantastic new album "Medication Blues"....the perfect antidote to the f....d up world we live in...play it while you`re gettin`it on...download this album now..follow this link to itunes...https://itun.es/gb/1EuZL

Remember..it ain`t what you do that counts...it`s who you do it with.........get bent


.......and DON`T forget to BOOGIE...! ! !


......bold as brass it comes from the salt reeking it`s fetid breath of stinking fish and rotting vegetation across the bayou uses gars as stepping stones have you seen it have you felt it faded levi`s stiff with oil dusty ray bans and stale marlboro there`s no escape even as mosquitos draw blood as you sip mint juleps at midnight thinking mama`s juju bag gonna protect you those bones ain`t talking except to the ghosts who float by just to say hi you think it`s all in your head until you hear the whispers of nailed up hub caps  calling your name you gotta blot it out take some medication before it`s too late be there at eight the band plays till late............

"Medication Blues" by JOHNNY ONE EYE - Download it from 4th MAY



Heh,Heh.Heh - how y`all doin`?....well,well  - a virgin blog page...that`s almost as good as being chased naked thru a cornfield by three 240lb mamas with muffin`on their minds!....Reach for the whiskey,boys `fore it all gets outta hand.........better still,wait for a full moon and play the new JOHNNY ONE EYE album - Medication Blues.The musical equivalent of alien rectal probing....it`s visceral...uncompromising...a trip to the dark underbelly of human existence....all those things that the politically correct don`t want you to think about.........or think at all.

Packed and stacked with the  razor sharp barbs of a consummate guitar stylist,this album will grab you by the throat and shake you until your teeth fall out! The bass player is from Rigel 7 and plays in a highly sexually suggestive manner.As sex on Rigel 7 can sometimes last as long as 15 seconds,don`t get your hopes up!................the drummer recorded his parts for all the tracks with great confidence but then we recorded him falling down the stairs while carrying his kit.....so we used that instead.If you only buy one album this year make sure it`s `Medication Blues` by Johnny One Eye.It is,as Americans say so eloquently..........AWESOME ! ! !.......

Come and see us at The Orange Tree,Braintree on Saturday 11th May.Come up and talk to us as well...you may find it a slightly odd experience but we are very,very,VERY friendly!

Ah..the full Moon`s out...I`m gettin` increasingly hairy..............

Time to go to work......


Hi there all you Johnny listeners.

This is the all new Johnny One Eye blog page. Posterous is dead. So now we know it works, I will hand over to our rabid blagger (oh sorry blogger) Mr John Oneye and you can sample all the Johnny One Eye news and a slightly twisted window on the world you all thought you knew so well!

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